How many of you remember this old rhyme?

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horse men, all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

I have a reason for sharing this rhyme. It offers us something to consider. This rhyme fits so well with the struggles people endure. If you think about it, this rhyme speaks of brokenness and pain.

Humpty was sitting on a wall when he lost his balance. After he fell to the ground, he broke into pieces. His condition was beyond repair. The king’s men could do little for him.

I think many people can relate to this rhyme. Many people are facing challenges which knock them down and leave these people broken.

Many people cry out of their broken for help. They cry out for restoration and wholeness. These people want to pick up the pieces and make a fresh start.

If you have struggled with brokenness, you know how tough it is. You know what it’s like to seek restoration. Sometimes friends and family try to help, but they are like the king’s men. There is little they can do.

Jesus picks up the fallen and restores the broken. He gives hope when life seems hopeless and gives
restoration and renewal.

Restoration is available for brokenness. Jesus invites the broken to call on him. He will heal and give restoration.

Michael Carter 01/11/2019


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Hate has no place.

Hatred of others has no place.
It is overcome by God’s grace.
Hatred has no place here.
It causes mistrust and fear.
Hatred destroys and divides.
Love builds up and abides.
Acts of hatred will fail.
Acts of love will prevail.
Hatred is dark as the night.
Love shines beams of light.
Hate is overcome by love for others.
Love sees only sisters and brothers.
Love shall always have a place.
It shines from God’s grace.

Michael Carter Oct 2018

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Christ radiant Light

Christ Jesus, radiant light. Light of love.
God the Father’s gift from above.
Great celebration resounds all over earth.
Creation rejoices at his holy birth.
Jesus took flesh and was born of a Virgin.
He came to redeem all people from sin.
Let us celebrate his holy incarnation.
And praise him for the gift of salvation.
Rejoice with gladness on Christmas day.
Lord, shine your light on us, we pray.
Bring the grace which makes us free.
Let us always shine in your grace and mercy.

Michael Carter 2016

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His glorious appearing

The Church awaits the Savior’s return again.
She watches for the return of the Savior from sin.
The second advent of Christ is nearing.
Beloved, watch for his glorious appearing.

Be alert for the Savior’s glorious day.
The time of his coming is not far away.
Will you be ready? The day is nearing.
Watch for his glorious appearing.

All people will see him on that day.
He will all new, the old will pass away.
Prepare your hearts, the day is nearing.
Rejoice at his glorious appearing.

Jesus shall come in power and glory.
Until then Church, proclaim his story.
Beloved be watchful, the day is nearing.
Come, Lord! The Church awaits your glorious appearing.

Michael Carter 12/2018

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Jesus, take hold of me.

Jesus, keep me in your care.
Protect me from the devil’s snare.
Keep my heart and mind pure.
When problems arise, help me to endure.
If I should falter, take hold of me.
Blessed Jesus, have mercy!

Life is full of distractions.
Lord, guide my words and actions.
When I fall, reach down your hand.
Lift me up and help me to stand.
In times of temptation, take hold of me.
Blessed Jesus, have mercy!

Storms toss me about and I feel I’ll drown.
Calm the storms and set my feet on solid ground.
Jesus, you are my shelter and fortress.
My peace in times of trouble and distress.
When troubles arise, take hold of me.
Blessed Jesus, have mercy!

Jesus said; “Trust in me, I’ll not forsake you.
In my loving arms, I’ll take you.
I’ll keep you safe from all harm.
You shall be upheld by my mighty arm.
Walk the journey and take hold of me.
I’ll keep you in my grace and mercy.”

M. Carter

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Rest eternal

Rest eternal, dear child. The journey is complete.
In paradise, you will stand at the mercy seat.
You abide in the land of peace and grace.
There you behold the Redeemer’s face.

You served the Lord without shame.
Your life bore witness to his name.
At times you suffered for your faith.
The Holy Spirit kept you safe.

Along the journey, you endured troubles and strife.
You trusted the Savior to give peace and renew your life.
Your life was a ministry of service and love.
Dear child, you rest from your labors in the home above.

Your faith remained strong at the time of death.
You trusted Christ as you heaved your last breath.
The angels attended you when you closed your eyes.
You await the day when the saints again will arise.

Rest eternal, lay your head on the Savior’s breast.
He shall comfort you and give your soul rest.
You shall have peace from all alarms.
Beloved, you shall rest in his arms.

In paradise, you shall stand at the throne of grace.
With the saints, you shall behold the Savior’s face.
Along with the choirs of heaven you sing.
Praises eternal to Christ the King.

Michael Carter 10/2018

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With Mary, my soul declares the Lord.

With Mary, my soul declares the greatness of the Lord.
His mercy and forgiveness give our spirit voice.
How great is his mercy! How mighty is his Word.
In the Lord, let all the faithful sing and rejoice.

The Lord shows mercy towards those who fear him.
His faithfulness is from generation to generation.
He comforts and blesses all who draw near to him.
Blessed be the Lord! The God of salvation.

He upholds his people with the strength of his mighty arm.
The arrogant he casts down and sends to flight.
The faithful he shelters and protects from harm.
Those who trust in the Lord will find peace and delight.

The Lord shall pour out his abundant mercy.
He will bless the faithful with his grace.
They shall join with him in eternity.
There with the angels, they’ll behold his face.

M. Carter Written 2017, revised 10/20/2018

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You’ll make it through

Life has its joys and sorrows.
The dark days will pass, bringing bright tomorrows.
We will have our share of scars.
God turns the scars into stars.
Trust in God. He cares for you.
Have faith. You’ll make it through.

Maybe you’ve had bumps along the way.
Have faith to meet the challenges of each day.
Grow through the struggles that you face.
Rely upon God’s strong love and grace.
Trust in God. He cares for you.
Have faith. You’ll make it through.

Have you questioned God in times of strife?
Do wonder how he’s working in your life?
Remember you are in the palm his hand.
He will guide and give you strength to stand.
Trust in God. He cares for you.
Have faith. You’ll make it through.

Press on over every mountain and hill.
You shall see God’s purpose and will.
Sometime you might feel alone.
God is faithful. He cares for his own.
He declares, “I will take care of you.
Trust in me. I shall bring you through.”

M. D. Carter revised 09/30/2018

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Lord, grant me peace for storms rage against me.
My ship is sailing on the stormy sea.
When I feel that I’ll sink to a watery grave,
I look to you to rescue and to save.
If I sink I fear I’ll drown,
Reach down and plant my feet on solid ground.
Speak to the storms and winds and say, “Be still!”
The storms and winds shall obey your will.

Grant me a safe journey on the sea of life.
Let me pass through the storms of sorrow and strife.
Storm clouds will gather and roll,
Guide me through on to the eternal goal.

Through the storms, I will sail on the sea,
The Lord is on my ship to pilot me.
Because he guides me with his love,
I shall reach the eternal harbor above.

M. Carter

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It was Father and Son Day at Saint Matthew’s Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The sanctuary was full. Pastor Robinson conveyed an intense message on the importance of strong males in the family.

The pastor invited all the fathers, grandfathers, and their sons to come forward after the service. He planned to have a special prayer for them.

Deacon Elmer Johnson was happy to see a large crowd. He noticed a young boy sitting in the back of the church. The youngster looked sad and the deacon decided to speak with the child.

The boy sat in the last pew near the wall. He was twelve years old and small in stature. As the service continued Deacon stood near him.

He felt a hand touching his shoulder, looking up, he saw a smiling older gentleman. The man motioned the boy to follow him. They walked into a small room next to the sanctuary entrance.

“I’ve brought you back here,” Deacon Johnson said, “Because I’d like to talk to you. I’m Deacon Johnson, what’s your name?”

“Jimmy Perkins.” The boy replied. He was unsure what the man wanted.

“ Nice to meet you, Jimmy.” Deacon Johnson said, shaking the boy’s hand. “This is the first time I’ve seen you here. Are your people with

Jimmy shook his head. “No. My mama sent me. I have two older brothers. They didn’t want to come.”

“Maybe your parents and brothers can come with you next Sunday.” Deacon Johnson replied.

Deacon Johnson noticed a tear trickle down the boy’s face. He patted the boy on his shoulder to comfort him.

“Jimmy, did I say something wrong? Why are you crying?”

“ My mama is sick, she won’t be able to come and my brothers are in gangs. I haven’t seen my daddy in a long time, he’s in prison. I can’t go up front for the prayer, I don’t have anyone to stand with me.”

Deacon Johnson smiled.

“Let’s go back in it’s almost time for the prayer. Jimmy, I’ll stand with you.”

Jimmy and Deacon Johnson entered the sanctuary and stood with the people gathered for the pastor’s
special prayer. Pastor Robinson noticed Deacon Johnson standing with the boy. Deacon Johnson explained that Jimmy had no one to stand with him.

The pastor addressed the congregation.

“Deacon Johnson has given us a wonderful example. Too many young males need support and encouragement. There are many temptations which pull them away from the right path. They need the guidance of strong male role models. All the young males sitting in the congregation come up and join the group. I want to invite the deacons to join me. “

The deacons joined pastor and those assembled.

“We are sending a message today.” The pastor declared. “My young brothers you are not alone. We’re gathered here to declare that we’ll stand with you.”

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