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A world of many colors


A world of many colors

I can remember when I served as a pastor, I would often have a very brief
message for the children during the worship service. This way something
that I did almost every Sunday. The lessons would always involve and
object, and I would always focus on one of the readings for that morning.
I must admit that some of the lessons went well, while others didn’t.
The whole point was to have a teaching moment for both the children and
the adults.I must had done many children messages over the years, and most of them,
I don’t remember. There is one message that I do remember. The message
was simply called;A world of many colors I came across this
message as I read through the children message books that I had at
the time. As I read through the message, I felt that this was a
message for both children and adults.

The main objects for this lesson were some bags of M&M candies. I purchased
small bags of black M&M, a bag of white M&M’S, and of course, a bag
of the one with assorted colors. These were the only objects that I
needed. I knew that since I had candy, the children would really pay

During the service, I would invite the children to come up to the front,
and then I would begin the lesson. I’d start by asking if they liked
M&M candies. I knew what the answer would be. I’d ask them what made
the candies different, and they’d all say that they were different
colors. Then I’d ask them what made the candies the same, and they’d
answer that all the candies had chocolate inside.

I would hold up bags of all white and all black candies and I’d ask
them what they would think of the candies if they were only one
color. They thought that would be boring. They all liked the candies
because they were different colors. I agree. That’s why I also like

I would explain to them that the world is the same way; God created
a world of many color. People who are different on the outside, but
the same on the inside. The world would be a boring place if people
were all the same. We all have different gifts and talents, and we
all have one Creator who made us all. The fact that we live in world
of many colors adds richness to life. Although we are all different,
we are apart of one family; the human family.

I look out and what I see is a world of many colors. A rich world made
up people from all walks of life, with different interests, hopes
and dreams. It is a world that has many troubles and struggles. In
this world, not everyone accepts nor respects each other. This is
sad, because when people fight amongst themselves, nothing is
accomplished. When people come together, then the walls will
come down. When there is dialogue, then we can get to know one

At times, I can be a bit of a dreamer. I see a world that can come
together. I dream of a world where people can walk together in peace.
I dream of a world where dialogue takes the place of fighting, hatred and

I dream of a world where we can celebrate the richness of every single
culture and not judge others on the basis of race, economic status,
orientation or gender. I would like to see a world where people are
judged by their character, and where people are treated with dignity
and respect. I would like the end of bigotry, discrimination. My is
to leave our children lessons of love, compassion, and faith.

The Church is a Church of many colors. The Church is made up of people
from many walks of life, who have been gathered together by the Holy
Spirit around the Word and Sacrament. This is the beauty of the Church.
In the Christian Church, the saints of all races and from all lands
are united by faith in the Savior. It is this Church that goes out
into the world with the message of salvation through faith in Christ.

God has created a world of many colors; a special world of people with
different backgrounds and gifts. Even though we are all different;
let us rejoice and celebrate the different gifts and cultures in our
world. God has made a world full of rich variety. The message of
the Gospel touches all people, and through the Gospel, all people
are blessed by him.

-Michael Carter


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