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Christ, our hope has risen! He has overcome the powers of death and the grave.
He shed his most holy blood, for sinners to redeem and to save.
Our mighty Lord was victorious over the devil, for he has crushed his head.
Sing the song of victory; “Christ has triumphed by being raised from the dead!”

The grave lost it’s power to hold him, death lost it’s awful sting.
As he stepped forth, all heaven and earth welcomed with joy, the risen King.
“All praise be given to Jesus! He lives. Yes he lives, no more to die.
Let his name be forever praised and be blessed and lifted on high.

This is a time of joy, banish all sorrow. Let no one this day weep.
Rejoice O’ saints, Jesus is the first fruits of all who have fallen asleep.
For us, Jesus bore the cross and for us, he endured the pain and strife.
He has broken the hold of death, and has opened the way to eternal life.

Jesus’ triumph and victory over the devil, sin and the grave is ours as well.
He has won the battle over all the forces of hell.
Because the devil has been cast down in overwhelming defeat.
He has been crushed and placed under our feet.

O’ blessed and holy day! On this day, there is no sadness.
All creation welcomes it’s Lord and Master with joy and gladness.
The feast of Easter triumph goes on without end.
The song goes on; “Holy victory! Christ Jesus triumphed again!”

Alleluia! Praise be to Jesus! The heavens declare the glory of the King.
To him, the Church gives it’s praises, to him,. Let all to Christ, sing.
Blessed be to the Lord Jesus! Jesus our eternal hope now and forevermore.
Blessed be the Lord Jesus, whom the angels and saints praise and adore.

All praise to Jesus, who rose on Easter day. May he be praised by all creation.
Glory and honor be given to the God of all life and of salvation.
Worship him, O’ creation and all the heavenly host.
Praise be given to the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost.



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Lord God, I come to your holy table to seek comfort and peace for my heart.
I come O’ Lord, seeking the sacrament which offers the forgiveness you impart.
Dear Lord God, I ask for your forgiveness and I place myself into your care.
Lord God, in your mercy, look down and hear my prayer.

I confess to you my Father, my sins and all the wrongs that I’ve said and done.
I cling not to my merits , only to the merits of your dear and beloved Son.
Lord Jesus Christ; through Word and sacrament bring me through all despair.
Lord Jesus, continue to remain with me .In your mercy hear my prayer.

Through your Word and sacrament, give to me strength for each new day.
By your true presence, lead and guide me along life’s way.
Help me to believe and to overcome doubt. My life is in your care.
Do not leave me O’ Lord. In your mercy, hear my prayer.

Praise be to Jesus Christ for the blessings of the sacrament in both bread and wine.
And for the gift of faith to receive from you forgiveness, so amazing and divine.
Thanks be to the Savior for all of his great love and care.
Thanks be to the Savior, in his mercy and grace he has heard my prayer.

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The writer of the psalm seemed to have understood what it is like to have a
downcast spirit. In this psalm, he expressed an emotion that many people today
battle. As the times grow more challenging, many people are struggling with
downcast and downcast spirits.

The feelings of many could be summed up in these words;

“I am bowed down and brought very low,
all day long I go about mourning.” (Psalm 38)

How many people go through life believing in their hearts that all hope is
gone? Are you like many, overwhelmed with struggles and brought low?
Are you one who approaches each day believing that all hope is gone? Is
your soul downcast and your spirit disquieted? The Psalmist offers these
comforting words: “Hope in God.”

If you look at the faces of people, what you might see are people who are
weary, concerned, and pressed down by the challenges of life. There might
be those who feel crushed in spirit and burdened with heavy loads. These are
people who are seeking hope and the strength just to make it through the journey.               Some have lost hope and have given in to cynicism and resignation.
Their spirits have been broken to the point that they might say in the words
of the psalm;

“I am overcome by sorrow;
strength me, as you have promised.” (Psalm 119:28)

There are many reasons why people might feel this way. In these times,
many are either struggling to find employment or hold on to their jobs.
Then there those who are struggling with financial or with health issues, family
and relationship problems, the list can go on and on. Pressures from all of
these problems can build up and they can cause people to just crack up.

Now days, there are stories about people who are struggling overwhelming odds.                   They just pressing on, but each day, they become weary and feel like
giving up. Those who throw in the towel and give up might say; “Oh what’s the
use?” Whatever fight that they had in them has vanished, and whatever hope
that they had has fallen away. When people place all of their hopes in worldly
things, they soon learn that in time, such hopes fail. This kind of hope is not
built upon a firm foundation, but on human aspirations.

There are many people who are neither sympathetic nor understanding towards
those who have a downcast spirit. Those who feel down or depressed might
find themselves shunned and ridiculed. They are seen as weak and whiners who
can’t stand under pressure. If the one who is suffering is a Christian, he might
even receive harsh treatment from other Christians. Such people might be told
that their faith is not strong enough, or that God is punishing them for a
particular sin.

Those who are unbelievers might taunt the sufferer by asking; “Where is
your God? Why isn’t he helping you?” They might to urge the sufferer to
abandon all faith and trust in God. The world seems to offer different solutions
for those who are hurting and downcast. This could reading books or counseling,
they can be beneficial. They should not replace faith and trust in a loving and
caring God. He alone offers comfort and peace and restoration. The Holy Spirit
points us to the one who can lift us up and give us strength and hope for the

The suggestions that many in the world offer might make a person feel better,
but these suggestions do not address the needs of the soul. They do not
address the need for repentance and forgiveness. The focus is on the individual
and not the need for a Savior. The Word of God addresses this need and points
all to the Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the healer of the soul, the one who gives
lasting hope and everlasting peace.

The psalmist wrote that since his hope was in God, he would praise
him. Throughout our journey, may we too, praise God. The journey
at times will be difficult, and we’ll be drained. There might be those
times when it seems that all hope is gone. Still praise God.   Praise God
because he restores the soul and renews all hope.

We all need something or someone to lift our spirits when we’re down.
We need hope in order to keep going. The world doesn’t always provide
us with the hope and encouragement that we need. Too often, people
are torn down rather than being built up. While earthly hope comes
and goes, hope in Christ never disappoints. Scripture declares:

“…I am the Lord, those who hope in me
will not be disappointed.” (Isaiah 49:23)

When our souls are downcast, may we look to the Lord who is the source of all hope and renewal. Because he fills us with both hope and joy, we can praise
his name as we press on in the journey.

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o jesus

O Jesus, in the dust of my sins, I come broken and in need of restoration.
I come my Savior. My spirit and soul is in need of transformation.
Holy Jesus, before your cross I kneel and make my heartfelt plea.
I come in confession. Jesus, Savior, I seek your grace and mercy.

When I’ve strayed and have gone my own way, my life fell apart.
Your Holy Spirit speaks through the Word and gives comfort to my heart.
Confronted and brought down to the dust, I come with my plea.
“I am a miserable sinner. Lord Jesus, have mercy!”

Jesus, before your cross I kneel. I look up at your face.
I cling to your cross. There I will find pardon and grace.
Savior I kneel before you with no merit of my own. Hear my plea.
“Jesus help of sinners. Be gracious and have mercy.”

Lord Jesus my hope and trust, I call upon your holy name.
Come quickly to deliver me. Let not my faith be put to shame.
Upon you I have built my faith. To you, blessed Jesus, I make my plea.
“To whom shall I go?” Only you can grant full and complete mercy.

From the cross the Savior said; “I have won your soul’s salvation.
By my grace and through faith, you have forgiveness and restoration.
You are restored and because of your faith, I’ve heard your plea.
Through my suffering, death, and resurrection, you have mercy.”

Amen! Thanks be to Jesus for his holy sacrifice. I am free!
I am no longer bound by the chains of sin, sorrow, and misery.
Jesus has restored me. He has heard my humble plea.
I’ve found at the cross peace and divine mercy.

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In the beginning, in the darkness, God said; “Let there be light!”
It was so. God created the heavens and earth. It was good in his sight.
God created everything on the earth, on land and in the sea.
From his mouth, God spoke the Word, and all things came to be.
God created man in his image, shaping him from the dust of the earth.
With a blast from his nostrils and a touch, man had his birth.

God created the angels, the holy messengers of glory and might.
They worship God in his holy temple with great joy and delight.
The angels always behold and rejoice before the glorious face of God
They serve and minister to those who on the earth now trod.
These ones gather around the altar and stand before the throne.
They shout in on voice; “All praise be to our God alone.”

Lucifer, a mighty angel, refused to worship God and began to rebel.
God cast him and his followers from heaven into the pit of hell.
Lucifer sat in the depths of hell, and with bitter anger he said.
“I shall in this kingdom of fire rule as the lord of the dead.
I would rather be here in the fiery depths and rule.
Then to have remained in heaven and be God’s slave and fool.”

“We’ve been cast out. We are enemies of God and are at total war.
I vow to be a thorn to God and shall be man’s enemy forevermore.
God created man and gave man the breath of life.
I shall be the accuser and give man both pain and strife.
I shall always attack man. I’ll not rest until I’ve achieved my soul.
I shall frustrate God’s plan and I shall have man’s soul.”

“Hell is now my kingdom and this fire is now my throne.
And from my throne, I declare that in hell, I’ll not burn alone.
God told them that man could eat of any tree, except of one not to eat.
I will cause them to disobey God’s command and bring their defeat.
They are not to eat from the tree of knowledge, lest they die.
I will cause them to sin. I will destroy them with a lie.”
“I’ll wait in the Garden, but I must decide what form to take.
I’ll use one of God’s creatures. I shall take the form of a snake.
Lucifer waited in the tree, and he saw the woman coming near.
He spoke to the woman; “Come close, and have no fear.
Did God really say that if you ate from this tree, you’d die?
“He did.” The woman said. Lucifer said; “He told you a lie.”

“If you eat this tree, you’ll be like God. Go ahead and eat.”
The woman ate. Lucifer smiled. “This will bring upon you defeat”
The woman gave man some fruit and he ate. The deed was done.
Lucifer smiled. “I’ve caused them to sin. I’ve beaten God and won.”
After they had eaten, they realized their nakedness and felt shame.
Then they heard God walking in the garden, and calling their name.

They were afraid to face him, so they hid. The fall had begun.
God asked; “Why are you hiding? What have you done?”
The man said; “We saw our nakedness and we felt great shame.
We were afraid and we hid when we heard you call our name.”
God asked;” Who told you? Did you eat from the tree?”
The man said; “It was the fault of the woman you gave me.”

The woman said; “It was not my fault; the snake told me a lie.
He said that if we ate, we would be like you and would not die.”
God said to the man; “Because of this, a curse is upon the earth;
In toil and sweat you will till it until you return to the dust of the earth.
Woman, you will suffer great pains in child birth.
You will bring forth children and shall be the mother of all on earth.”

“Since you’ve listened to Lucifer, you’ve fallen into sin.
You are banished from this garden, and you may not enter it again.”
God spoke to the snake:”You shall be hated despised.
You corrupted my creation and you’ll answer for your lies.
I declare to you that you shall be punished for your deed.
I will put conflict between you and the woman’s seed.”
“You will strike his heel, and he will crush your head.
You will slay him, but he be raised up in triumph from the dead.
You have caused my children to sin and have corrupted my creation.
My servant will undo this, and he shall bring restoration and salvation.
The fall of man came to be, and mankind fell into the depth of sin.
God’s heart yearned and ached; he desired to restore man again.

God yearned to redeem his children and to undo what had been done.
He resolved that he would redeem his people through his dear Son.
Through time, many looked for the fulfillment of the promise made.
God sent forth his Son, through him, sin’s heavy price would be paid.
Jesus, the royal Son, left his throne in heaven and came to earth.
He came not as a king, but as a servant, born of humble birth.

He came into the flesh to bear our sins. He came to take our place.
He would suffer sin’s punishment, and win for us forgiveness and grace.
He is the light of the Father who came into this dark world of sin.
He would come into the world to restore peace and hope again.
For this reason, he was obedient to his Father’s will.
The Son came down to earth, a holy mission to fulfill.

He is God’s own Son, He is God’s chosen One, he is the Christ.
He would offer himself for sin, the atoning sacrifice.
He would battle Lucifer and he would destroy the power of sin.
He would undo the sin of the first Adam and restore peace again.
He who willingly laid aside his glory and might.
All that he would do, would be pleasing in his Father’s sight.

Lucifer grew worried. He knew why God had sent the Holy One.
He then set forth a plan to defeat the mission of God’s own Son.
Lucifer declared: The battle has begun, and I shall win.
Like Adam, I shall oppose him and I shall cause him to sin.”
Death said; “He’s powerful. How can you ever defeat this One?
He has come from heaven. He’s God’s own Son.”
Lucifer said; “He is a man. He is no different; he is weak.
Like others, I shall attack him. His shortcomings, I’ll seek.”
“But..” Death said. “Silence!” Lucifer said. “I beat God before.
I’ll beat him again and shall rule now and forevermore!”
Jesus was baptized by John and the Father declared his love.
The Holy Spirit came down on the Son in the form of a dove.

Jesus went up into the wilderness to both fast and pray.
Lucifer came to Jesus to tempt and to lead him astray.
Jesus was weak and weary. Forty days and nights, he had not eaten.
Lucifer felt that it was time to strike. He thought Jesus could be beaten.
Lucifer faced Jesus. “You are weak. If you don’t eat, you’ll be dead.
If you Son of God, command these stone to become bread.”

Jesus said; “It is written; man does not live by bread alone.
I trust my Father and for this reason. I will not change a single stone.”
Lucifer tempted Jesus with empty promises of fame, power, and might;
Jesus would not be tempted. He remained faithful in his Father’s sight.
Lucifer left in anger and he sensed that his efforts had met with defeat.
He said; “Until later Son of Man, we shall again meet!”

Lucifer was not done. He stirred up hatred in the hearts of men.
He sought to use the jealousy of religious leaders to bring Jesus’ end.
During Jesus’ earthly, Lucifer fought Jesus with all his breath.
In burning anger, Lucifer declared that he’d bring about Jesus’ death.
He knew that he could work through a disciple and lead him astray.
He focused on Judas. For the right price, his Master, he’d betray.

He would work on Judas’ sinful heart and achieve his goal.
He would corrupt Judas and use his greed and also have his soul.
Lucifer saw this as an opportunity to bring Jesus’ mission to an end;
He would use as his tools, Judas and the desires of sinful men.
He prompted Judas to go to the leaders to hand Jesus over to him.
Judas was dishonest and greedy. Lucifer gladly made use of him.

Judas went to the leaders. They asked;”Your Master, you’d betray?
For your help, thirty pieces of silver, we’ll gladly pay.”
The leaders were happy, and to Judas, thirty pieces of silver they gave.
Jesus was betrayed for thirty pieces of silver-the price for a slave.
The leaders had what they wanted. They began to make their plans.
Soon, Judas would betray Jesus and place him into their hands.
Judas told them that they would find Jesus in a garden not far away.
Each evening, Jesus would go there to mediate and to pray.

Lucifer was happy. He felt that his plan was now complete.
In his mind, the Son of Man would go down in crashing defeat.
On the night of the Passover, instead of celebrating a meal of gladness.
Jesus’ heart was heavy and full of sorrow and great sadness.
He said; “I have earnestly desired to share this meal with you I love.
For I will not taste of it again until I’ve returned to heaven above.”

Then he looked up, and then he breathed a heavy sigh.
He knew that the hour had come for him to suffer and die.
He said; “I tell you that one of you will this night, betray me;
One of you here will hand me over to those who wish to slay me.”
In shock and disbelief, the disciples let out a cry.
Each one of them asked Jesus; “Lord, is it I?”

Judas asked Jesus, “Surely Lord, would I betray you?”
Jesus looked at Judas and said; “Go, do what you must do.”
What Jesus said to Judas, the other disciples had not heard.
Judas quietly rose and left the table without saying a word.
Jesus took bread; “Take eat, this is my body, Do this in memory of me.
He took the cup: Drink this. This is my blood shed, to set all free.

“This is my body broken, my blood shed for the remission of sin.
I say again, I’ll not eat of this supper until I’m in heaven again.
The disciples ate and drank and their eyes were fixed on him.
Jesus rose from the table, before they left, they sang a hymn.
Went to Mt. Olive, and three disciples followed him the rest of the way.
The three sat by a tree, while Jesus went on further to pray.
His heart was heavy, he fell to the ground and he began to say.
“My Father, if it was your will, take this bitter cup away.”
He looked up and said; “Not my will, but your will be done.
I shall obey your will. You are my Father, and I am your Son.”
He went back, the disciples were sleepy and couldn’t open their eyes.
There was noise and light. Jesus said; “My betrayer comes, arise!”

As they rose, they heard the sounds of voices shouting in the night.
They heard footsteps and saw the torches of flickering light.
Judas arrived with guards and the rulers armed with might and power.
For Jesus, this was the time. He had prepared for this hour.
The disciples were fearful, Jesus stood firm as the crowds came near.
Peter swung a sword and cut off a servant’s .of the High Priest’s ear.

Jesus told Peter to put away the sword. He then began to speak.
He asked the crowd; “Tell me, who do you seek?”
Judas stepped forward and kissed Jesus. The betrayal was done.
Judas pointed to Jesus and said; “He’s you want. He’s the one.”
Jesus was asked; “Are you Jesus?” The crowd gathered around.
Jesus answered; “I AM.” Then the guards fell to the ground.

“Why do you seek me now? Why not when I was teaching each day?”
They could give no answer. He was bound and lead away.
Jesus was to the High Priest, and at night, was put on trial.
Jesus endured the false trial and the sting of Peter’s denial.
That night and early morning, Jesus had not slept nor had he eaten.
During that time, he was mocked, spat upon, and beaten.

Jesus stood before the leaders who thought he should die;
They brought forth witnesses in order for them to testify.
Even though charges were brought, Jesus said not a word.
The witnesses could not agree upon what they’d seen and heard.
The High Priest asked; “Are you the Christ, the Son of the Holy One?”
Jesus said; “I AM the Christ, God’s own Son.”
“I tell you that the heavens will open and you’ll see the Son of Man.
Sitting in power and glory at the Father’s right hand.”
The High Priest tore his robes and the others said; “He should die!”
They blindfolded Jesus and hit him. “Who hit you? Prophesy!”
The rulers went to Pilate with Jesus. Pilate asked; “What has he done?”
They answered; “He has broken our laws, and claims to be God’s Son.”

Pilate said; “Deal with him yourselves.” “We can’t” “Why?”
“We can’t put him to death. He claims to be a king and should die.”
Pilate spoke with Jesus and learned that he was from Galilee.
“He’s under the rule of Herod. He’s now in the city.
I will send this Jesus to Herod and I’ll wait to see what he will do.”
Pilate waved the rulers away. “Go, that’s all that I do for you.”

Jesus appeared before Herod. Herod said; “Now, I finally meet you.
Jesus, do a miracle, give me a sign. Show me what you can do.”
Jesus said not a word, nor did he do a miracle. Herod sent him away.
He was taken from Herod’s presence and returned to Pilate that day.
Once again, Pilate spoke with Jesus, but couldn’t find him guilty.
From that time on, Pilate sought to set Jesus free.

Jesus and a murder were brought out in order to see who’d live or die.
The murderer was set free. Jesus, the crowd wanted to be crucified.
The crowd which had hailed Jesus as King in one breath.
Now with the rulers prompting were calling for his death.
In a bowel of water, Pilate washed his hands then signed the decree.
With that, Jesus was condemned and a murderer was set free.

The soldiers took Jesus to the square where he was stripped.
They mocked and spat on him. Then he was brutally whipped.
They continued to beat Jesus until his flesh tore and he bled.
They put a purple robe on him and a crown of thorns on his head.
Then they put the cross on him and forced him to carry to the place.
Where he would shed his blood to save all sinners by his grace.

Jesus bore the full weight of cross. He bore the weight of sin.
He endured the pain and sorrow in order to bring it’s power to an end.
He fell under the cross and he endured insults and the sneers.
He carried the cross, and beheld the women’s sorrowful tears.
Weak from the beatings and from all the blood he had lost.
Jesus struggled on. He pressed on, carrying the full weight of the cross.

Like a lamb to the slaughter, he went to his death for you and me.
By his wounds and sufferings, from the power of sin, we are free.
Although he bore the cross, weakness caused him to stumble.
He suffered much, but in patience, he did not complain or grumble.
Finally, when the weight was too great and he could bear it no longer.
The Romans put the cross on the shoulders of someone stronger.

Jesus made it up from the city to the place on high.
Jesus went on to Calvary, the place he would suffer and die.
He was nailed to the cross. With each nail, he suffered great pain.
His suffering has brought peace. His suffering was for our gain.
There he was nailed and then his cross was lifted up high.
Crowds came from the city to watch him suffer and die.

Some mocked and said; “You claimed to be God’s holy One.
Save yourself and come down, if you’re God’s Son.”
Those who believed in Jesus drew near.
When they saw him, they moved and they shed a tear.
Jesus said; “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”
Some said; “If you’re the Christ, come down and we’ll believe in you.”
Dismas, also on a cross said; “For our deeds, this is the just price.                                        Remember me.”  Jesus said;” Today, you’ll be with me in paradise.”
Jesus felt the pain and agony as he hung on the tree;
He cried out; “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”
Jesus endured the punishment for sin by suffering in our place.
The Father withdrew his hand and turned his face.

Jesus then fulfilled the Scriptures; “It is finished!” He said;
He gave up his spirit and bowing his head.
Darkness covered the land and lighting flashed across the sky.
Frightening all those who had gathered to witness Jesus die.
The veil in the temple was ripped in two. The separation was done.
Reconciliation and peace had been accomplished through God’s Son.

Through the death of Jesus, the final atoning sacrifice had been made.
The debt for sin through his blood had now been paid.
A soldier thrust a spear into his side, and out gushed water and blood.
From the Savior’s side, comes to all, a rich healing flood.
Jesus’ body was taken down by friends to whom he gave gladness.
Now in that hour, their hearts were filled with both pain and sadness.

This One who had come into the world, born of the Virgin’s womb.
Was now laid by his friends in a borrowed tomb.
In hell, Lucifer was delighted when Jesus had been nailed to the tree.
When Jesus bowed his head and died, Lucifer was full of glee.
Lucifer danced and declared: “I’ve won! I’ve beaten Jesus at last !”
But soon, Lucifer heard someone breaking down hell’s gates of brass.

As he looked, he was seized with both terror and fear.
With his own eyes, he saw Jesus coming near.
A demon said: “Master, look! It is Jesus, God’s Son!”
Jesus said; “I’ve come to tell you that it is I who has won.
I have fought you and won. From your rule I’ve set people free;
All things are under my feet. I shall reign through all eternity.”

“Look at me Lucifer. I’ve overcome. I’m no longer dead.
You may have bruised my heed. But I’ve crushed your head.
Now victory, I shall rise and to my Father, I’ll ascend.”
Lucifer said; “You’ve won, for now. I’ll fight you to the bitter end.”
Jesus said; “You are judged.” Jesus went from that place.
He descended into hell to declare the triumph of his grace.

As Jesus stepped forth alive again, the angels began to sing.
“Hallelujah! All praise now be given to the risen Lord and King.
He who has died now lives. He overcame death’s sharp sting.
Let all creation rejoice. Let all the peoples now sing.
Lucifer the foe has now been defeated and has been cast down.
And now the Christ, the Father’s Son, wears the golden crown.

All glory, honor, and praise be to him who has crushed Lucifer’s head.
He has claimed the victory by his resurrection from the dead.”
The women went to anoint the body of Jesus after the Sabbath day.
They arrived at the tomb and saw that the stone had been rolled away.
They looked inside, and saw that Jesus’ body was not there.
At once, their hearts were filled with worry and despair.

Two men came and asked; “Why seek the living among the dead?
This Jesus who you seek is not here; he’s risen, just as he said.”.
The women left the tomb. A man stood by and he began to speak
“Women, who are you looking for? Who do you seek?”
When he had spoken, they recognized him and fell at his feet.
Jesus said: “I’ve triumphed and Lucifer has met with defeat.”

“Go to my brother, tell them what you’ve seen. Tell of my victory.
I shall see them again before I return to heaven in glory.”
They went to the disciples and told them that Jesus was no longer dead.
“We saw and spoke to him. He’s risen, just as he had said.”
The disciples heard what was said, but they were full of disbelief.
They could believe it, because their hearts were heavy with grief.

They said among themselves; “Did you hear what they said?
It is true?Has the Master really risen from the dead?”
Then Jesus appeared and said; “Peace be with you!”
As the Father has sent me, now I send you.
I am sending you into the world with my Gospel to proclaim.
You shall be my witnesses and preach salvation in my name.”

Jesus remained forty days then he was taken up before their eyes.
As they watched, two angels asked; “Why do you stare at the skies?
This same Jesus shall return again on the clouds of glory.
Now go forth as he commanded, and proclaim to all, his story,
Go to people of every tongue and of every nation.
Proclaim to them that through faith in Jesus, there is salvation.”

Behold, Christ has triumphed and he has won the great victory.
He reigns now and forever. Give him all praise and glory.
His Kingdom stands and shall never end.
The time shall come when the Christ with come again.
He declares; “Amen! I shall return, and all behold my face.”
Amen! Come O’ triumphant Christ. Come in power and grace.

May you live each day longing for his great appearing.
The day of his second advent is fast nearing.
Walk life’s journey trusting and praising him all your days.
Bless the Lord always, and never cease singing his praises.
“Christ has triumphed. He forever lives!”
The triumph of the Christ! What comfort this sentence gives.

Now to him, the great and glorious Savior, whose praises we sing.
All praise, honor, and dominion be given to our great God and King.
Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit, we now adore.
Be our thanks and praises, now and forevermore.

Michael Carter (Written between 1997-2014)

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Savior, I humbly come in prayer unto thee.
I am able to stand because thou hast reached down and touched me.
O’ my Savior, for the care of my soul, I look to thee.
Blessed Savior, always take care of me.

When I suffer afflictions and am perplexed by fears unknown.
Where shall I go? I flee for refuge to thee alone.
When I seek peace from my fears, I look to thee.
Blessed Savior, always take care of me.

Poor I am, and at times forsaken, yet I am thine.
There is no greater joy and peace then in thee I find.
Yea, all my joy and my blessings flow from thee.
Blessed Savior, always take care of me.

Weary I come to thee, and I lay my head upon thy breast.
Through faith in thee, I am safe, and I have a promised rest.
All comfort and assurance comes from thee.
Blessed Savior, always take care of me.

In the journey, I’ll suffer neither pain nor loss.
Daily do I cling to thy holy cross.
All my hope and faith is built upon thee.
Blessed Savior, always take care of me.

Savior, for my sins thou suffered and thou was crucified.
Through faith in thee, I stand redeemed and justified.
The gifts of forgiveness and salvation ever come from thee.
Blessed Savior, always take care of me.

Through this earthly journey, I’ll walk and have no fear;
I am at peace, for I know that thou art near.
With thy mighty hand, thou wilt lead and guide me.
I hear thou say;, “Fear, not. I will take care of thee.”

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Lord Jesus, in your suffering on the cross, you looked up to the sky;
With your dying breath, you prayed for those who wanted you to die.

You willingly suffered bitter pain and punishment in humanity’s place;
Though blooded and bruised, holy love shines from your sacred face.

Holy Jesus, you suffered the pangs of hell to win our soul’s release;
From your holy wounds, flows our pardon, redemption, and peace.


“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
Luke 23:34

O Jesus, have mercy upon us, for we have often spurned and rejected you;
But in love you prayed; “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Jesus was mocked as he hung on the cross by the people full of unbelief;
But Jesus, when we see you, may the thought of our sins move us to grief.


“Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”
Luke 23:43

On a cross was a thief named Dismas, who recognized his need for Christ;
Because of his faith, Jesus said; “Today, you’ll be with me in Paradise.”

May we too see our sins and with contrite hearts see our need for Christ;
And may we yearn to be with him in the bliss of Paradise.


When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple whom he loved
standing nearby, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your
son!” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold your mother!”
And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home.
John 19:26,27

Near the cross, stood his blessed Mother who was in great despair;
Also there was the disciple he loved. Jesus placed his Mother in his care.

Lord Jesus, when our hearts are torn and we are burdened with despair;
O’ Jesus, let us be strengthened and upheld by your grace and care.

May we realize O’ Jesus that in you, we are bound to one another;
Let us do all that we are able to support our sister and brother.


”….My God, My God, why have you forsaken me.?”
Matthew 27:46

Jesus, on the cross, suffered torments and fears unknown;
In that hour, the Father withdrew his face, and Jesus felt alone.

At times when we reach out to God, and we pray and we pray;
When there seems to be no answer, we might wonder if he’s turned away.

When we struggle with pain and we are overcome with fear;
Remember that even in the silence, God is present. He is always near.


“I thirst.”

John 19:28

As Jesus hung on the cross, he suffered from thirst and bitter pain;
May we thirst for his peace and let his pardon be our richest gain.

May we thirst to know Christ and know and rejoice in his grace;
May we thirst for the day when we shall see him face to face.


“It is finished.”

John 19:30

Jesus on the cross, paid the full price through bitter pain;
His work was done; his blood washed away sin’s dark stain.

O’ Holy Jesus, you gave of yourself to save our soul;
By your wounds and your blood restores and makes us whole.


“Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.”

Luke 23:46

Jesus, you entrusted yourself to the Father with your dying breath;
Then in holy peace, you bowed your sacred head in death.

Guard us O’ Jesus against the tempters attacks and power;
We commend ourselves to you to keep us safe in that final hour.

Be with us in this journey as we live, and when we die;
When the journey is done take us to be with on high.

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way of the cross


Have mercy up us. Forgive the wrongs we’ve done.
We cling to Your and forgiveness through your Son.
Through the Spirit, strengthen we to walk in your ways.
Make it our delight to serve you all our days.

Jesus Christ condemned to death

O what wrong has Jesus done?
That sinful men would condemn God’s Son?
He suffered taunts and pain in my place.
From his wounds flow healing grace.

It was for us, you suffered bitter pain.
You were condemned. Your blood would wash sin’s stain.
Let us turn from sin ad by your blood be made free.
May we by repentance look to you for pardon and mercy.

Lord Jesus, what wrong have you done to be condemned to death?
You stand before Pilate, condemned to a shameful death.
You humbled yourself to be condemned in the place of a sinner as me.
You took my place so that from sin’s power, you would set me free.

Jesus receives His cross

Jesus, you willingly accepted the cross upon which you would die.
You suffered and died for a sinful worm as I.
We praise you O Savior for by your cross we receive mercy.
By your cross, from the powers of the devil and sin we’re set free.

Holy Jesus, grant us the strength to bear our crosses through this life.
Grant us the faith to bear all difficulties, pain, and strife.
May your cross always stand before us. Daily empower us with your grace.
Grant us your presence as we press on in the earthly race.

Lord Jesus, you took hold of your cross with a loving embrace.
You accepted the cross to bring us the blessings of life and grace.
You accepted the cross in order to redeem me.
Through the holy cross, from sin’s power you would set me free.

Jesus falls the first time under the cross

We adore you O Christ, and with our lips we praise and bless you.
By your holy cross, you have saved us. We confess you.
You bore the weight of the cross and under it you fell.
You overcame Satan and the powers of hell.

Jesus, O Jesus! You bore on your shoulders the weight of sin.
You offered yourself up to bring Satan’s power to an end.
May the thoughts of your suffering remind us that you stood in our place.
You suffered bitter pain, that we would have forgiveness and grace.

Lord Jesus, you bore the heavy cross for my sins, so great.
You fell for the first time under its crushing weight.
You suffered the weight of the cross for a sinner like me.
You bore my burden so that from sin’s power I will be free.

Jesus is met by His Blessed Mother

Jesus still burdened by the cross and by his fall along the way.
Is met by his mother on that sorrowful day.
What a meeting that had been.
Jesus comforted his mother as he bore the burden of sin.

Jesus! By your compassion towards your mother, have mercy upon us.
Show forth your mercy and by your holy wounds, heal and forgive us.
Speak words of comfort to us. Give us deliverance from the power of sin.
Restore us and make us whole again.

Jesus, you were met by your mother along the way.
With the Blessed Mary, I weep for you on that sorrowful day.
Sorrow tore at her heart and sorrow for sin tears within me.
I know that out of compassion, you suffered to set me free.

The cross is laid upon Simon of Cyrene

Jesus carried his cross. He could bear the weight no longer.
The soldiers seized one whose shoulders were more stronger.
Simon walked with Jesus to the place where Jesus would die.
Simon watched as Jesus was nailed to the cross and lifted high.

Jesus, may it be our joy to bear the cross and your grace to proclaim.
Through our struggles, may we always bless and honor your name.
May we be willing to bear with faith the suffering that comes our way.
Savior, as we bear our crosses, give us strength for each day.

Jesus, the burden of the cross was great and you could bear it no longer.
It was then the soldiers found someone whose shoulders were stronger.
The burdens of my sin are too great for me.
You took the burden on yourself, to set me free.

The face of Jesus wiped by Veronica

Jesus’ body ached and his face was covered with the sweat of death.
He labored on and he was weak and out of breath.
A woman filled with compassion took a cloth and wiped the blood from his face.

Jesus may you show compassion in our time of pain.
We look to you for mercy and call on your holy name.
Kindle on our minds the image of your most holy face.
Renew and transform us by the power of your grace.

Jesus, compassionate Veronica wiped the blood from your face.
The cloth that she used bore the image of your face.
Wipe O Jesus, the stain of sin from me.
Imprint your image on my heart and by grace, set me free.

Jesus falls a second time

With each step, Jesus suffered and he against stumbled and fell.
He suffered to redeem us from the powers of sin and hell.
The burden of the cross was great. He fell again.
He carried on his shoulders the full weight of sin.

Jesus falling under the weight of the cross once again.
You took upon yourself the burden and the punishment for sin.
Raise us up when we fall. Restore and make us whole again.

Jesus, you continued on, but you fell again.
Still, you pressed on, ready to make full payment for sin.
How I grieve because of my sins! Lord Jesus, have mercy!
Through your suffering, you came to set me free.

The women of Jerusalem mourn for our Lord

The women were moved by the sight of Jesus. They cried for him.
Jesus spoke words of warning and comfort to them.
He told them not to weep for him but for the city.
He knew that Jerusalem would suffer great tragedy.

Jesus we mourn for you and for ourselves. We mourn over sin.
We remember all you endured to bring sin’s hold on us to end.
Teach us not to neglect you. Let us cling to your grace.
May we remember that you suffered sin’s punishment in our place.

Jesus, the women mourned as they beheld your plight.
With great sorrow, they wept in your sight.
I too mourn for you as you made your way to the tree.
My heart is moved by what you endured to set me free.

Jesus falls a third time under the cross

Jesus arrived at the summit of Calvary. Still the cross was too great.
His strength gave way and a third time, he fell under its weight.
The soldiers showed no mercy and dragged him up the hill.
Jesus went on, ready to do his Father’s will.

Jesus, we entreat you by the merits of the painful fall.
Pardon our many offenses. Have mercy upon us all.
May your suffering move our hearts to sincere repentance.
We bless you for having taken our verdict and sentence.

Jesus, you struggled on, falling under the cross again.
You willingly bore the full weight of our sin.
You did not complain nor resist as you suffered agony.
You fulfilled the Father’s will to set me free.

Jesus is stripped of His garments

After the long journey, Jesus arrived at the place of sacrifice.
His garments were stripped and he was prepared to pay sin’s price.
He arrived at Calvary, the place where he would suffer and die.
He stood on the hill, where he would be lifted up on high.

Lord Jesus. You endure the shame and suffered in our place.
Strip us of false pride. Renew us and fill us with your grace.
May we humble ourselves and walk daily in faith and love.
Keep us on the path that leads to our heavenly home above.

Jesus, you arrived at the place of sacrifice.
You were prepared and ready to pay sin’s heavy price.
Strip all pride and evil from me.
Clothe me in righteousness, from sin set me free.

Jesus is nailed to the cross

The cross was laid upon the ground and Jesus is prepared for the sacrifice.
He is about to be slain as the payment for sin’s heavy price.
His arms were stretched across the beam. Nails were driven into each hand.
Jesus offered himself to his Father on behalf of sinful man.

Jesus nailed to the cross, fasten our hearts there as well.
Save us from our sins and from the powers of hell.
Let us remember that upon the cross, you endured bitter pain.
For your great sacrifice, O Savior, we bless your name.

Jesus stripped and nailed, hands and feet to the tree.
With each blow, with each nail, came blood and bitter agony.
You bravely bore the pain and the bitter agony.
You stretched out your arms to embrace and set me free.

Jesus dies upon the cross

Jesus hung on the cross with nails driven into each hand.
He hung there, watched by many as darkness covered the land.
His body battered and beaten was drenched with blood.
A spear was thrust into his side and gush out a healing flood.

Lord Jesus, we embrace your cross where you suffered death.
On that cross, you forgave your murderers with your dying breath.
Let us place our confidence in you and always behold your face.
Keep us daily in your love and support us with your grace.

Jesus, you died on the cross giving up your spirit with your dying breath.
Your work of redemption done, you bowed your head in death.
The Father accepted the sacrifice that you made to redeem me.
You paid sin’s price and by your death, you have set me free.

Jesus is laid in the arms of His Blessed Mother

The crowds left Calvary and only a disciple and women remain.
They looked upon Jesus. Their hearts were filled with grief and pain.
Jesus’ Mother stood at the foot of the cross and gazed upon her Son.
A sword pierced her heart as she saw all that had been done.
Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea took the body down from the cross.
They placed it in the arms of Mary. She grieved her loss.

With Blessed Mary, we grieve at her great loss.
She held her Son’s body after it had been taken down from the cross.
Lord, give us compassion to mourn with those who suffer loss.
Strengthen us we pray, by the power of your most holy cross.

Jesus, at your cross only the disciple you loved and the women would remain.
They watched you suffer and endure bitter pain.
Mary held you in her gentle arms. Her heart torn in agony.
She held the One who gave of himself to set me free.

Jesus is laid in the tomb

Jesus who was born of a Virgin’s womb.
In death was placed inside a dark borrowed tomb.
A stone was rolled in front of the entrance and all went away.
There the body was to wait until the resurrection day.

Jesus, you suffered death and your body was placed in the grave.
You freely gave of yourself, our souls to redeem and to save.
When our days are ended, take us from this world of strife.
Bring us to your Kingdom, where we will share with you eternal life.

Jesus, you who came into this world born of the Virgin’s womb.
Was laid to rest in a borrowed garden tomb.
I praise and thank you for what you have done for me.
I await your holy resurrection and thank you. You set me free.


























































































































































































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The God who restores you.

god restores

How many of you remember this old rhyme?

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horse men, all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

This is a rhyme which many people remember from their childhood. I believe that this rhyme is worth thinking about.

I mention this because it fits so well with the struggles that people go through. This rhyme speaks to the feelings of brokenness and pain so many people experience.

Humpty had been sitting on a wall when he lost his balance and fell off. He hit the ground and was broken beyond repair. There was nothing that the king nor his men could do for him.

This is something which happens to so many people during their lives. They lose their balance and they fall down and go to pieces.

There are many people who have fallen apart because of a crisis that enters into their lives. During the struggles they do what they are able to pick themselves up or in frustration, they give up and stay down.

There are many ways that people lose their balance, a job loss, a failed relationship, illness or depression. These are a few examples. Whatever the circumstances, they have a deep impact on people’s emotions and their actions.

Some people weather the storms and make it through. Others are not so fortunate. Such people might fall and turn to substance abuse and other destructive behaviors. They fall to pieces because they’ve found it too difficult to cope with the challenges they are facing.

Out of the depths of brokenness many cry out for help. Many cry out to find healing, peace, and restoration. They want to pick up the pieces and make a fresh start in life.

If you’ve been in that place, of if you know someone who has been there, you know how tough it can be to be restored. Sometimes friends and family try to help, but they are like the king’s men, there’s little they can do.

God provides restoration and renewal. He heals the brokenness that comes with the struggles of life. In a broken world, Jesus came to bring healing and to restore humanity’s relationship with God the Father. The blood of Christ and through confession and absolution, there is healing and peace for the soul.

Jesus does something that the king’s men could not do. Jesus is able to pick us up when we fall. He is able to put the pieces back in place. Jesus is able to heal broken and shattered lives. He makes all things new.

You can have a restored and renewed life. Through faith, Jesus can give this to you. Once he has restored and renewed you, you can share with others the good news of restoration in Christ Jesus.

Jesus picks us up when we fall apart. He puts the pieces back into place. The king and his men could not restore Humpty Dumpty. King Jesus has the power to restore us from brokenness and to make us new.

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The mercy of God shall forever stand.
He upholds and guides us with his hand.
Times will change. God’s mercy will endure.
The mercy of God is sure.

The mercy of God is forever sure. His mercy and grace are from everlasting to everlasting. In Old Testament history, God showed his mercy and grace to the children of Israel. They strayed many times and were often unfaithful. God did not abandon them. He corrected them and showered upon them his everlasting mercy.

God has shown his mercy to the human race. After the fall into sin, God set forth his plan of mercy. Jesus, the Son of God is the fulfillment of God the Father’s plan of mercy. Divine mercy and forgiveness flow from the holy wounds of Jesus on the cross.

We need not doubt the mercy of God. People will change and the times will change. The Divine mercy of Jesus never changes. Jesus strengthens us with the mercy through his Word and the Sacrament of confession and absolution.

The Divine mercy is a sure foundation upon we can stand. It will hold us steady and strengthen us through the challenges of life. There will be changes along the journey. This truth is certain; the mercy of God is everlasting and sure.


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