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August 26, 2016 · 5:00 am

The beloved community


A man read about police shootings and riots concerning these shootings. He read about how much race relations were at an all-time low. There were daily stories about terrorism and attacks upon people because of race, religion and sexual orientation.

In disgust, he turned on the television. The news was all the same. There was still news of division, in
communities, government, and in the world. He wondered when people would learn to work through the disagreements and walk together? Would this be possible?

We are a part of a community. This community is the human family. There are many issues and conflicts which are challenging the human family and threaten to tear it apart. I would like to present two views of what can happen to this community.

The first view is called; The divided community. This is a community in conflict. People are in conflict with each other over issues such as race, police actions, politics and current social issues. There are many heated debates, protests and acts of violence. People act upon their emotions and are influenced by the rhetoric of a few as well as social media.

These attitudes breed mistrust and actions that only cause more division. A divided community is a community is a community where people don’t talk to each other but shout at each other and refuse to consider any opinions but their own. A community which fights with itself will breed hopelessness, mistrust and cast itself into ruin.

The second view of community comes from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. He often spoke of the Beloved Community. An excellent explanation of this view can be found on the King Center website.

Dr. King defined the beloved community as a global vision in which all people live in peace. It is a world where people are cared for and racism and all bigotry would not be tolerated. The beloved community would be a place where there is brotherhood and sisterhood. All disputes would be resolved peacefully. Conflicts will still occur, but they should be resolved peacefully. There is no need for conflicts to erupt in violence. There should always be dialogue and reconciliation of adversaries, cooperating together in a spirit of friendship and goodwill.

No one wants a divided community. How will the beloved community come about? Is this something that government can dictate? No, it will come about by the efforts of all people. All people can work towards the common goal of a just and peaceful community.

The beloved community is built when people decide that they want to live and work together in peace. It is a place where families are strengthened and children are taught positive lessons. Each one of us can do this. Be a positive presence in the life of a young person. Help those who are in need, encourage those who are hurting. Be the one who helps to bring peaceful resolutions to conflicts. If each one of us takes the time to do something positive for others, then we will be on our way to creating a beloved community.

The world today is in conflict. There is still a chance for people everywhere to live in peace. May people all over the world stand together as a mighty force against those who cause division, pain and suffering.

In the face of those who seek to cause division, terror and pain, let the people of good will declare;
“You will not divide us. We stand together united as one community.”

The world is one family, the human race.
All people are richly blessed by God’s grace.
As the human family, let us support one another.
Every person is a sister and a brother.
May conflicts not tear us apart. Let us walk in unity.
Let us transform the world in the beloved community.

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