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God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow


God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, we bless his name.
His mercy and goodness we gladly proclaim.
Our comfort in times of pain, our peace in times of sorrow.
God is faithful yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

God changes not. He is our everlasting guide and friend.
His love and tender mercies never end.
He sends down blessings to us from his hand.
God gives us strength to endure and to stand.

We need God to be present and to guide us.
He sends his Spirit to abide with us.
May God never leave us. Without him, we fail.
In his strong grace, we shall prevail.

The world changes, but God remains the same.
We daily rejoice and bless his name.
God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, to him we sing.
The whole Church praises and blesses the King.

M. Carter (Written for the centennial of Lutheran Ministries Assoc. St. Louis Mo. 1999)


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Jesus is forever precious, he gives me great pleasure
His mercy and forgiveness is my greatest treasure
Joy of my heart, my everlasting hope is he.
How can I thank him for his goodness towards me?

Jesus is forever precious, greater all wealth,
Source of strength, life, and health,
If I have Jesus, what more do I need?
He alone, my hungry soul shall feed.

Jesus is forever precious, he has saved me from sin,
His rich mercies and grace shall never end.
The Lord is my peace in times of strife,
His Spirit renews me and gives me new life.

Jesus is forever precious, I rejoice in his love,
He will take me to be with him in heaven above.
While I live, is goodness I’ll proclaim,
Each day, I’ll praise and bless his name.

M. Carter 01/23/2017

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Sing joyfully to Jesus with heart and voice,
Come before him with gladness and rejoice.
Never forget how good he has been.
He has saved us from the curse of sin.

Sing joyfully to Jesus who overcame the grave
Blessed Jesus came to redeem and to save.
He protects us from all danger and harm
We are safe and secure in his mighty arm.

Sing joyfully to Jesus, he gives us a message to proclaim
His Holy Spirit empowers us to speak in his Name.
The Spirit gives us gifts to bring the Lord’s care
To those who suffer from sorrow and despair.

Sing joyfully to Jesus, Satan’s attacks will not prevail,
His effects against the faithful will fail.
His every effort will see defeat.
Jesus has crushed his head under his feet.

Sing joyfully to Jesus, the battle has been won.
Victory belongs to Jesus, God’s Son
Hold on to him and stand your ground
Be faithful and in heaven, you’ll wear a crown

Sing joyfully to Jesus, sing songs of victory,
Give Jesus all honor and glory
The Lord is just in all his ways
He is worthy of all thanks and praise.

A hymn of thanksgiving we joyfully sing,
Everlasting songs to our God and King
In our songs we’ll bless his mighty Name
With our voices his grace we’ll gladly proclaim.

All praise to Jesus the Son
Who with the Father and the Spirit is one
Praise God through all eternity
We sing the glory of the Holy Trinity.

M. Carter 01/14/2017

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To God, be thanks and praise,,
Songs of worship we raise
Your people stand before you
In worship, they adore you
Blessed God of our salvation
Receive our song of adoration.

The Angels bless your name
The redeemed to your glory proclaim
Father, you sit in majesty
Your mercy is through all eternity
Blessed are you with the Spirit and the Son
Holy Trinity, three persons in one.

Praise Jesus, born of Virgin Mother
He came to be our Savior and brother
Jesus overcame the power of the grave
He came with power to save
By his cross he has defeated sin
The Church looks for his return again

Blessed Holy Spirit, friend and guide
His peace shall abide
God, keep your people in love
Number them with the saints above
Keep us safe from sin
We shall praise you without end.

-M. Carter 01/10/2017

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