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Savior, I come to Thee.
Thy grace has strengthened me.
For the care of my soul, I look to Thee.
Jesus, Savior, take care of me.

I flee for refuge to Thee alone.
Bowing in worship before Thy throne.
Seeking peace, I look Thee.
Jesus, Savior, take care of me.

Jesus, thy mercy is divine.
Blessed comfort in Thee I find.
All hope and grace flows from Thee.
Jesus, Savior, take care of me.

Weary, I lay my head upon Thy breast.
There I have a promised rest.
Comfort and peace comes from Thee.
Jesus, Savior, take care of me.

I’ll suffer neither pain nor loss.
Daily, I cling to Thy holy cross.
My faith is built on Thee.
Jesus, Savior, take care of me.

Through this journey, I’ll not fear.
Jesus, thou are always near.
Thy hand will always guide me.
I hear thou say; “I shall take care of thee.”

M. Carter 2017



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God guides us


God guides us like a shepherd through this earthly wilderness.
He cares for us in times of sorrow and distress.
How rocky the path has been in times of despair.
His hand holds us with tender loving care.

Along the way there have been troubles to face.
We are supported and nurtured by his grace.
Storm clouds of affliction rage and cause dismay.
God is faithful. He listens when we pray.

Many have trembled when faced by trials and fears.
The gentle hand of God wipes away all our tears.
There are obstacles along way make the journey dreary.
God strengthens through them so we won’t grow weary.

Storm clouds of affliction will arise.
For Divine help, may we look to the skies.
The Master speaks and the storms are still.
The rough waves and storms obey his will.

We will engage the enemy in spiritual warfare.
Let us entrust ourselves to God’s loving care.
God of all power, your Spirit send us.
Against demons of hell, send your angels to defend us.

We shall battle the devil but will see no defeat.
Christ has triumphed and has crushed the devil under his feet.
The earthly journey might seem hard and long.
The Holy empowers us and makes us strong.

Let us never forget how good God has been.
He sent his Son to save us from the power of sin.
There might be times when we feel alone.
The Holy Spirit reminds us, “God cares for his own.”

Blessed God, continue to guide us each day.
Direct us and support us, lest we go astray.
As we travel, let us boldly proclaim all we’ve seen and heard.
Send us to declare your everlasting Word.

Guide us great God. Hold us in your mighty hand.
Lead us through this journey to the holy Promised Land.
There with the sacred assembly, we’ll join with voices raised.
Singing the eternal hymn; “Amen! Jesus Christ be praised!”

M. Carter

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Lord and Ruler of Heaven


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February 10, 2017 · 5:56 am

The Christian Journey


We’re blessed in the journey. God strengthens us along the way.
Through all adversity, God blesses us each day.
Let us hold on to faith in God and embrace his abiding love.
Thank God for his goodness and for the blessings from above.

We press on with faith, singing the songs of praise.
Blessing our God and proclaiming him all of our days.
In the journey we press on. In faith and not grumbling.
God guides us and keeps our feet from stumbling.

God transforms and renews us. We no longer the same.
All honor be given to his most holy name.
He has blessed us! God sent his Son to save us from sin.
The blood of Jesus washes us and makes us whole again,

In the mighty name of Jesus! We press on in victory.
Praise be to Jesus! Beloved, give him all the glory.
We press on under the banner of the Holy Cross.
Under his protection, we’ll suffer neither pain or loss.

Holy Spirit, set our souls on fire like a burning flame.
Use us to declare to the world Jesus’ holy name.
Strengthen us in the journey so we’ll not grow weary.
Brighten the path when the days are dark and dreary.

Press on in the journey! Do not be discouraged by setbacks or sorrow.
God gives hope for today and grants us a bright tomorrow.
When the path is hard and the days are long
God touches us with his hand and makes us strong.

Blessed in the journey! Let us never forget God’s grace.
The path will be illuminated by the light from Christ’s holy face.
We are traveling through this world to a place of sweet rest.
Press on in the journey! Onward to the heavenly City of the Blessed.

M. Carter 02/5/2017

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The Challenge of Christian Service-Sirach 2:1-6


My son, when you come to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for trials.
Be sincere of heart and steadfast, undisturbed in time of adversity.
Cling to him, forsake him not; thus will your future be great.
Accept whatever befalls you, in crushing misfortune be patient;
For in fire gold is tested, and worthy men in crucible of humiliation.
Trust God and he will help you; make straight your ways and hope in him.
-Sirach 2:1-6

Christian service is a blessing and a honor. This is the believer’s response to God’s blessings and grace. Christians serve the God in many different ways; as ordained clergy, in religious orders, as teachers and as faithful lay people. In whatever service that is rendered, it gives praise to God and touches the lives of people in powerful ways. Christian service brings blessings to the Church and to the world.

The writer offers words of wisdom concerning serving God. He stated that whoever wishes to serve God will have challenges. These challenges will come from different directions. There are many people who are hostile to the message of the Gospel. The attitudes and practices of the world today demonstrate an indifference to Christ and his Gospel. Faithful Christians who speak out and stand upon the teachings of Holy Scripture are often considered to be “out of touch” or intolerant.Those who stand faithfully upon the Gospel sometimes face mocking and persecution.

The Apostle Paul realized this in his own ministry. In his second letter to Timothy he wrote the following words.

Everyone who wants to live a godly life in union with Christ Jesus will be persecuted.
2 Timothy 3:12

Christians will suffer because of faith in Jesus Christ. Satan will give Christians no peace and will stir up opposition and hatred. Christians through the centuries to this day have suffered for the faith and have held firm to their confession of Christ. The early Christians suffered for their faith even to the point of death rather than surrender their hope in Christ. They saw their suffering as sharing in the sufferings of Christ and bearing witness to his Name.

How should Christians view service to God? With joy and gladness. Serve God with a joyful and humble heart. There will be people who will question the motives of those who serve. This should never discourage anyone from serving God. All service to God, will bring blessing and joy to all people.

Always be steadfast in service. Do not be discouraged by the attacks of Satan and by the struggles that come. It is easy to lose focus and to become discouraged while serving God. Some people have walked away from service due to burn out and frustration. Please do not become weary nor discouraged, find strength to continue in serve to God.

Remember that service to God is never a wasted effort, even if it is met with indifference or there is no visible results from the labor. Work in God’s name is never in vain. (see I Cor. 15:58)

Be prepared for the “fires” of adversity that will come. These times will come and Satan will use these times to discourage any service to God. Just as fire refines gold and burns away the impurities, so the fires of adversity will burn away the impurities and allow servants to shine as bright as refined gold.

Trust in God and serve him with faithfulness. God will bring his servants through the challenges and will shower upon them his rich blessings. No matter what challenges come, always see the joy of Christian service.

Beloved, serve God faithfully. Serve God with with joy.


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Lord Jesus, walk with me.


Lord Jesus walk with me. Protect me from Satan’s snare.
Lighten the burdens of life’s worry and care.
Set a watch over me. Keep me faithful and pure.
Be my strength and help me to endure.
When I falter, Lord take hold of me.
Never leave me. Blessed Jesus! Have mercy!

Life is full of temptations and distractions.
Let your Spirit guide my words and actions.
If I fall, reach down your gracious hand.
Restore me and give me strength to stand.
When I’m about to stumble, take hold of me.
Guide me O Savior. Blessed Jesus! Have mercy!

The storms toss me about. I think that I might drown.
Pull me up, plant my feet on solid ground.
You are my shelter and my mighty fortress.
My joy and peace in times of distress.
When troubles are great, take hold of me.
Support me each day. Blessed Jesus! Have mercy!

Jesus said; “I will never forsake you.
In my loving arms, I shall take you.
I’ll protect you from all danger and harm.
You can always lean on my mighty arm.
Walk this journey and take hold of me.
I’ll uphold you with my grace and mercy.”

-M. Carter 02/2/2017

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