Christ ascends in triumph above.
Blessing his Church with hands of love.
Hear the choirs of angels sing.
Welcoming the eternal King.

He left his message to proclaim.
To go forth and preach in his name.
Telling the message of salvation and new birth.
Declaring peace to people on earth.

He is still with his people to bless.
Feeding them in the divine Eucharist.
Strengthening them through all strife.
And preparing them for eternal life.

Glory to him who overcame death and sin.
Bless him, whose reign will never end.
Let the praises be heard from every nation.
Great is the Lord, the God of salvation.

Jesus has opened heaven’s door.
His power shall last forevermore.
He sends his Spirit to guide.
With his people, he’ll abide.

Jesus shall return in bright array.
The Church awaits that glorious day.
Come, O Redeemer from sin.
Bring the glorious Kingdom without end.

M. Carter 2017


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