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Praise to Jesus

Praise you, O’ Jesus, Lord most high.
Who came to suffer and to die.
True God born of a humble Virgin.
Spotless victim crucified for our sin.

Praise you who was raised from the dead.
Who in power, crushed the devil’s head.
You ascended to the eternal courts of glory.
We proclaim to the world your sacred story.

Jesus, joy of the faithful and source of salvation.
From you comes peace and justification.
Savior, you are praised by all of creation.
Receive our thanks and our adoration.

Jesus, freedom of all imprisoned by sin.
By your grace the weary soul is renewed again.
Jesus, comfort of those who weep bitter tears.
Peace of those burdened by fears.

Jesus,blessed Savior, have mercy!
Lead us from this vale of tears to eternity.
Blessed are you, our God and King.
In holy joy, we rejoice and sing.

Holy Jesus, our joy and everlasting salvation,
We sing endless songs of adoration.
With the sacred assembly in heaven above,
We praise you for your amazing love.

M.D.C 05/6/18


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You’ll make it through

Life’s journey has both joys and sorrows.
After the dark days, comes bright tomorrows.
None of us passes through without some scars.
Through the pain, God causes us to shine like stars.
Trust in him for he cares for you.
Have faith, you’ll make it through.

Perhaps you’ve had bumps along the way.
Have faith to meet the challenges of each day.
Grow strong through the struggles you face.
Rely upon God’s never ending grace.
Trust in him for he cares for you.
Have faith, you’ll make it through.

Maybe you’ve doubted God in times of strife,
And you’ve how he’s working in your life.
Remember that you are in the palm of his hand.
He’ll give you the courage to endure and stand.
Trust in him for he cares for you.
Have faith, you’ll make it through.

Press on, over every mountain and hill.
Through prayer, always seek God’s will.
When you’re depressed and feel alone,
Remember that God cares for his own.
God declares; “I will take care of you.
Have no fear. I shall bring you through.”

M. Carter 4/20/2018

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We are Easter people.

We are Easter people. Hallelujah is our song.
Blending our voices with the heavenly throng.

We are redeemed people. The blood has made us free.
Jesus has crushed the devil and won the victory.

We are blessed people. People of faith and celebration.
Thanking the Lord for the gift of salvation.

We are missionary people. People with a message to proclaim.
Lifting up before the world, the Savior’s name.

We are pilgrim people. Marching onward to a better place.
To join with the sacred assembly and behold the Savior’s face.

Michael Carter 2018

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Christ, our Savior.

Christ our Savior, keep us in your protection and love.
Shower down upon us, rich blessings from heaven above.
Jesus, keep us under the protection of your holy venerable cross.
Under your divine protection, we’ll suffer neither pain nor loss.
Guard us against the assaults of the devil and save us from all harm.
Support us by the strength of your mighty arms.
Count us worthy to praise you whom we adore.
We praise you together with the Father and Spirit forevermore.

-Based on a Armenian Orthodox dismissal.

M.D.C. 3/20/18

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In the dust of sin

In the dust of sin, I come for salvation
My soul and spirit needs restoration.
Jesus, I kneel before your cross with this plea.
Savior, grant me mercy.

When I’ve strayed, my life has fallen apart.
The Spirit points me to the cross comforts my heart.
In the dust of sin, I come with this plea.
Jesus help of sinners, have mercy.

Jesus declared; “I’ve won your soul’s salvation.
Through faith, you have peace and restoration.
Rejoice my child. I have heard your plea.
I have blessed you with grace and mercy.”

Thanks be to Jesus! I have been set free.
I am no longer bound by the chain of misery.
Jesus has heard and granted my plea.
He has lifted me up and shown mercy.

M.D.C. 3/18/2018

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I CRY TO THE LORD (Psalm 142)

I cry to the Lord in despair.
Lord, hear my plea.
My soul is burdened with care
I need your grace and mercy.

Savior, I suffer in pain.
Burdened with sorrow and sin.
I call daily upon your name.
Come and restore me again.

Struggles overwhelm me.
The devil lays out his snare.
I turn to you for mercy.
And place myself in your care.

Jesus, grant peace to my soul.
Be my hope in times of distress.
Touch me and make me whole.
Forever, your name I shall bless.

The Lord has heard my plea.
I will rejoice and sing.
Praise him for his mercy.
All praise to my King.

Praise Jesus for his love for me.
He has made me his own.
I’ll will see him in eternity.
There, I’ll bow before his throne.

M.D.C. 2/23/2018

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Jesus, I come weak and weary.
The way has been long and dreary.
My soul is burdened and laid low.
Jesus, I cry to you. This is my plea.
Jesus, Jesus, have mercy.

The burden of sin is like a weight.
Before your cross I lay prostrate.
I come to gaze upon your face.
Seeking from you, pardoning grace.
Jesus, lift me up. This is my plea.
Jesus, Jesus, have mercy.

I cannot remove sin’s stain.
Nor can I find relief from my pain.
Only you can make me whole.
And give healing for my soul.
Grant me peace. This is my plea.
Jesus, Jesus, have mercy.

Savior, do not pass me by.
Without your presence I would die.
Shower down blessings from above.
Touch me with your divine love.
Jesus, walk with me. This is my plea.
Jesus, Jesus, have mercy.

You are the fountain of salvation.
From you, I have blessed restoration.
In the Eucharist, you feed my soul.
Nourishing and making me whole.
Jesus restore me. This is my plea.
Jesus, Jesus, have mercy.

Bless you Lord for your grace.
And for strength to run the race.
You have lifted me up from despair.
I’ll declare to all your love and care.
Use me as you will. This is my plea.
Jesus, Jesus, praise your divine mercy.

M.D.C. 02/12/2018

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Jesus, shield of peace, emfold me.
In your strong arms, always hold me.
Guide my feet along life’s way.
Be my strength for each day.

Jesus, may your presence surround me.
Give peace so troubles will not confound me.
When storms of trouble arise, be not far away.
Always be my everlasting hope and stay.

Jesus, shield of peace, fountain of grace.
Grant me endurance for the earthly race.
As I live, my songs of praise shall not cease.
When I die, I’ll be with you in the land of eternal peace.

M. Carter 01/22/18

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Jesus, we praise your name.



Jesus, we praise your name!
Have you just wanted to sing praises to the mighty name of Jesus? Hasn’t he brought you a mighty long way? This is a book of Christian poetry written by me. These are poems which praise that wonderful name. I invite you to read these poems and join with me in the songs of praise to Jesus.
I have included with this collection the story; “The Pilgrim’s journey.” It is the story of a man who struggles with his sinfulness and travels to find the Redeemer who will give him peace and rest. Throughout his journey, he is abandoned by friends, mocked by others, tormented by demons, and confronted by the devil. These obstacles do not discourage him. He is strengthened and encouraged by the Spirit and meets the Redeemer who restores and sends him back to his home to build the Church and proclaim the Gospel, He returns and finds rejection by some of the people but many receive the Gospel and the Pilgrim labors faithfully until he is called to heaven and finds rest for his soul.

Jesus Savior, we praise your holy Name.
From age to age, Lord, you are the same.
Lord Jesus, we praise your divine mercy.
We proclaim you King through all eternity.
To you, Jesus, our songs we now raise.
Receive O Lord, our thanks and praise.
Great are you Lord of life and creation.
We praise and bless you for the gift of salvation.

Savior, you have open wide heaven’s door.
You have given life and peace forevermore.
In you, there is victory over the devil and sin.
From you comes peace and comfort without end.
We your people stand before your throne and sing.
We praise you forever, Jesus, our eternal King!

Holy Savior, we bow before you in adoration.
Thank you for the gifts of forgiveness and salvation.
The Church in heaven and on earth blesses your name.
We sing with joy this sweet and loving refrain.
Blessed be the Father and the Spirit and Son forevermore.
Glory and honor be to the Trinity now and forevermore.
-The Song of the congregation from; The Pilgrim’s journey.”

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His glorious appearing

The Church waits for Christ to come again.
Believers await the Redeemer from sin.
The day of the Savior’s return is nearing.
The redeemed look for his glorious appearing.

Be alert and be watchful for that glorious day.
Jesus shall come again. The time is not far away.
Will you be ready? The great day is nearing.
Watch for the Savior’s glorious appearing.

All will see the Savior’s coming on that day.
He will make all things new. The old will pass away.
Prepare your hearts, that day is fast nearing.
Look for him, and rejoice at his glorious appearing.

He shall come on the clouds in power and glory.
Until he comes, go to the world and tell his story.
Church, always be faithful, the day is fast nearing.
Come Lord Jesus! The Church awaits your glorious appearing.

-Michael Carter 2017

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