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His glorious appearing

The Church waits for Christ to come again.
Believers await the Redeemer from sin.
The day of the Savior’s return is nearing.
The redeemed look for his glorious appearing.

Be alert and be watchful for that glorious day.
Jesus shall come again. The time is not far away.
Will you be ready? The great day is nearing.
Watch for the Savior’s glorious appearing.

All will see the Savior’s coming on that day.
He will make all things new. The old will pass away.
Prepare your hearts, that day is fast nearing.
Look for him, and rejoice at his glorious appearing.

He shall come on the clouds in power and glory.
Until he comes, go to the world and tell his story.
Church, always be faithful, the day is fast nearing.
Come Lord Jesus! The Church awaits your glorious appearing.

-Michael Carter 2017


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One glad day, I’ll see the King of Glory.
In heaven, I’ll rejoice and tell my story.
I shall see his loving face.
And praise him for his grace.

There will be no more sadness.
Only peace and lasting gladness.
I’ll join with the heavenly throng.
Sing heaven’s eternal song.

I’ll live forever in eternity.
What a great joy that’ll be.
There will no more fear.
Jesus will wipe away every tear.

I’ll lay my burdens down.
And claim my mansion and crown.
There will be sweet rest.
In Zion, the city of the blessed.

M. Carter 06/27/2017

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The best of all, God is with us

When there is pain and sorrow.
God guides today and tomorrow.
Always have faith and trust.
The best of all, God is with us.

Troubles distress us.
God will strengthen and bless us.
Hold on with faith and trust.
The best of all, God is with us.

God renews us by grace.
Giving endurance for the race.
Press on with faith and trust.
The best of all, God is with us.

God saves us from sin.
Remember how good he’s been.
Live always with faith and trust.
The best of all, God is with us.

M. Carter 2017

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God guides us


God guides us like a shepherd through this earthly wilderness.
He cares for us in times of sorrow and distress.
How rocky the path has been in times of despair.
His hand holds us with tender loving care.

Along the way there have been troubles to face.
We are supported and nurtured by his grace.
Storm clouds of affliction rage and cause dismay.
God is faithful. He listens when we pray.

Many have trembled when faced by trials and fears.
The gentle hand of God wipes away all our tears.
There are obstacles along way make the journey dreary.
God strengthens through them so we won’t grow weary.

Storm clouds of affliction will arise.
For Divine help, may we look to the skies.
The Master speaks and the storms are still.
The rough waves and storms obey his will.

We will engage the enemy in spiritual warfare.
Let us entrust ourselves to God’s loving care.
God of all power, your Spirit send us.
Against demons of hell, send your angels to defend us.

We shall battle the devil but will see no defeat.
Christ has triumphed and has crushed the devil under his feet.
The earthly journey might seem hard and long.
The Holy empowers us and makes us strong.

Let us never forget how good God has been.
He sent his Son to save us from the power of sin.
There might be times when we feel alone.
The Holy Spirit reminds us, “God cares for his own.”

Blessed God, continue to guide us each day.
Direct us and support us, lest we go astray.
As we travel, let us boldly proclaim all we’ve seen and heard.
Send us to declare your everlasting Word.

Guide us great God. Hold us in your mighty hand.
Lead us through this journey to the holy Promised Land.
There with the sacred assembly, we’ll join with voices raised.
Singing the eternal hymn; “Amen! Jesus Christ be praised!”

M. Carter

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Lord Jesus, walk with me.


Lord Jesus walk with me. Protect me from Satan’s snare.
Lighten the burdens of life’s worry and care.
Set a watch over me. Keep me faithful and pure.
Be my strength and help me to endure.
When I falter, Lord take hold of me.
Never leave me. Blessed Jesus! Have mercy!

Life is full of temptations and distractions.
Let your Spirit guide my words and actions.
If I fall, reach down your gracious hand.
Restore me and give me strength to stand.
When I’m about to stumble, take hold of me.
Guide me O Savior. Blessed Jesus! Have mercy!

The storms toss me about. I think that I might drown.
Pull me up, plant my feet on solid ground.
You are my shelter and my mighty fortress.
My joy and peace in times of distress.
When troubles are great, take hold of me.
Support me each day. Blessed Jesus! Have mercy!

Jesus said; “I will never forsake you.
In my loving arms, I shall take you.
I’ll protect you from all danger and harm.
You can always lean on my mighty arm.
Walk this journey and take hold of me.
I’ll uphold you with my grace and mercy.”

-M. Carter 02/2/2017

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God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow


God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, we bless his name.
His mercy and goodness we gladly proclaim.
Our comfort in times of pain, our peace in times of sorrow.
God is faithful yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

God changes not. He is our everlasting guide and friend.
His love and tender mercies never end.
He sends down blessings to us from his hand.
God gives us strength to endure and to stand.

We need God to be present and to guide us.
He sends his Spirit to abide with us.
May God never leave us. Without him, we fail.
In his strong grace, we shall prevail.

The world changes, but God remains the same.
We daily rejoice and bless his name.
God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, to him we sing.
The whole Church praises and blesses the King.

M. Carter (Written for the centennial of Lutheran Ministries Assoc. St. Louis Mo. 1999)

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Sing joyfully to Jesus with heart and voice,
Come before him with gladness and rejoice.
Never forget how good he has been.
He has saved us from the curse of sin.

Sing joyfully to Jesus who overcame the grave
Blessed Jesus came to redeem and to save.
He protects us from all danger and harm
We are safe and secure in his mighty arm.

Sing joyfully to Jesus, he gives us a message to proclaim
His Holy Spirit empowers us to speak in his Name.
The Spirit gives us gifts to bring the Lord’s care
To those who suffer from sorrow and despair.

Sing joyfully to Jesus, Satan’s attacks will not prevail,
His effects against the faithful will fail.
His every effort will see defeat.
Jesus has crushed his head under his feet.

Sing joyfully to Jesus, the battle has been won.
Victory belongs to Jesus, God’s Son
Hold on to him and stand your ground
Be faithful and in heaven, you’ll wear a crown

Sing joyfully to Jesus, sing songs of victory,
Give Jesus all honor and glory
The Lord is just in all his ways
He is worthy of all thanks and praise.

A hymn of thanksgiving we joyfully sing,
Everlasting songs to our God and King
In our songs we’ll bless his mighty Name
With our voices his grace we’ll gladly proclaim.

All praise to Jesus the Son
Who with the Father and the Spirit is one
Praise God through all eternity
We sing the glory of the Holy Trinity.

M. Carter 01/14/2017

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Lord Jesus, give me peace amidst the storm.


Lord Jesus, give me peace amidst the storm. For the storms are raging around me.
My ship is being tossed by the winds on the restless angry sea.
When I feel as if my ship will crash and sink down into the watery grave.
I then look to You. You will steer my ship. You alone, can rescue and save.

When I feel as if I’m sinking and I am about to be overwhelmed and about to drown.
Reach down Your hand. Pull me safely up, and plant me feet upon the solid ground.
When the storms rage, speak to the winds around me and tell them; “Peace, be still!”
I will not fear the storms and the winds, for they shall obey Your will.

Grant me a safe journey as I sail along the sea of this earthly life.
Bring me through the storms that cause me both sorrow and strife.
Though the waters might get rough and the storm clouds gather and roll.
With Your steady hand, You will guide me on my journey to the heavenly goal.

Though the storms rage, and the waters will roll, I will still sail across the sea.
Through the journey, I will have peace. For I know that You will pilot me.
The storms will come, but the darkness cannot remove nor hide me from Your love.
I will stay the course, for You will guide me on the journey to the safe harbor above.

By Michael Carter-2007


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To You, Jesus


To you, O Jesus, our praise, our Savior and Lord most high.
Who humbled himself, came for us to suffer and to die.
The true Word of God, beloved Son, born of the Virgin.
Our Savior, the spotless victim crucified to save us from sin.

To you, O Jesus, our praise. You who was raised from the dead.
You broke the devil’s power and in triumph, crushed his head.
You ascended on high to the courts of heavenly glory.
The Church on earth now proclaims your sacred story.

Jesus our Lord and hope. The joy of the faithful and our salvation.
Whose suffering and death and resurrection has brought justification..
Jesus, Lord of all, you are worthy to be praised by all creation.
Receive O Lord, our thanks, praise, and adoration.

In you, there is freedom for all enslaved by the power of sin.
From you, flows life and peace. In you, the soul is renewed again.
Jesus, comfort of all afflicted and the peace of those who weep bitter tears.
You are the giver of peace who claims all of our worries and fears.

Praise to you, giver of the Holy Spirit to guide us each day.
Who creates faith in the heart and guards us, lest we go astray.
Blessed be the Spirit, who leads the sinner from sin’s dark night.
He points all to you and to your redeeming light.

Jesus, the life giving bread through your sacrament nourishes the soul.
You give strength for the journey. You feed us and make us whole.
You are the food from heaven you the banquet, the holy sacrifice.
The willing victim who for us, paid sin’s demanding price.

O Jesus, crown of everlasting glory and grace, have mercy!
Lead us from this valley of sorrow home to eternity.
Blessed is your holy name our God and King.
In holy joy, our souls rejoice and our spirits sing.

Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes the sins of the world away.
Jesus, bearer of all good graces, have mercy upon us, we pray.
With gentle compassion O Divine Savior, hear our prayer.
Forsake us not, come quickly and take us into your care.

Lord Jesus, we praise you for our life and salvation.
You Jesus, the fountain of all love, we bow in adoration.
Receive the praise from the Church on earth and from the Church above.
Forever the redeemed worship you in wonder and love.

Michael Carter

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Jesus, Our Living Hope.

The Lord is my Shepherd, who in kindness leads me to quiet rest.
Because of His tender care. I am richly blessed.
He restores my strength and revives me when I am weary.
He gives me light to guide me when the path grows dreary.

Like a faithful Guide, He leads me along the journey each day.
His Word and Spirit point me goal, lest I stray.
Though at times I walk through dark valleys, I have no fear.
I go in peace and joy, knowing that He is near.

He provides for my needs and pours oil of blessing over my head.
As I sleep, He sends angels to stand guard around my bed.
The Shepherd never sleeps, but guards me from all harm.
When I stumble, He upholds me with His might arm.

He spreads a table of blessings before me and feeds me with love.
His eye is always upon me, watching from heaven above.
Goodness and mercy shall follow me and I am forever blessed.
In the arms of the Divine Shepherd., I will find peace and rest.

Michael Carter, from the book; Songs of the Shepherd. Amazon.com

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